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A fast growing business.

As a company, it is often difficult to obtain the necessary liquidity. The pressure is high. Suppliers want to be paid on time. Internationally, often even in advance (even if LC is not an advance payment, it still restricts liquidity. On the other hand, debtors usually need more time than the agreed payment deadline.


Thanks to ODIN’s purchase financing, this is no longer a problem.

We pay your suppliers quickly and easily, so you can concentrate fully on your business. Thanks to turnover-congruent financing, nothing stands in the way of your growth either. Regain your entrepreneurial freedom with purchase financing from ODIN.

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Together with Odin Factoring to stable financing

  • You are looking for a new financing option
  • You no longer want to feel dependent on your banks
  • You are looking for a way to improve your liquidity
  • Odin Factoring offers you stable financing
  • Our conditions are transparent and fair
  • We are flexible and can respond to your needs
  • Arrange a non-binding, appointment with us today
  • We look forward to getting to know you
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